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Thread: Experts save 'jarhead' bear cub from starvation

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    Default Experts save 'jarhead' bear cub from starvation

    Six-month-old who got plastic container stuck on head can eat and drink again after rescue operation

    The cub with the jar stuck on its head in the Ocala National Forest, Florida. Photograph: AP
    A black bear cub who became affectionately known as "jarhead" after a plastic container got stuck on its head can eat and drink again after experts removed it.
    The clear container was removed from the six-month-old cub's head after it had been wedged on for at least 10 days. The cub poked its head into the jar when digging through rubbish in a central Florida neighbourhood.
    Biologists said the animal was days away from death because the jar made it impossible for it to eat or drink.
    The team had to tranquillise the mother bear and then grab the cub to remove the container from its head.
    The subdued mother was then put in a trap, and the cubs followed. After she awoke and nursed the cubs, the bears were moved to a less populated area nearby.

    Saved: The bears are released back into the wild after the cub was rescued

    Experts save 'jarhead' bear cub from starvation | World news |

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post

    i'm glad they got his head unstuck but this pic made me
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    Littering sucks!!

    Glad the little guy is ok

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