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Thread: Gorilla plays with Nintendo DS

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    Default Gorilla plays with Nintendo DS

    Last week our pal Hasani, the Western Lowland Gorilla at San Francisco Zoo, made headlines. His adoptive Mom Bawang picked up a boy's dropped Nintendo DS and began to try and figure it out. Photographer Christina Spicuzza was on hand to record every moment. Bawang wasn't so eager to share "her" new toy with Hasani. That didn't stop the curious little fellow from trying to get a game in before the DS was safely returned to the boy by keepers.

    First, a boy dropped his Nintendo NDS into the Gorilla enclosure. Bawang was more than happy to swoop it up and investigate.

    It wasn't long before Hasani had to see what was going on.

    Bawang tried to figure it out.

    That way didn't work, so she flipped it over.

    Then they held it really close to their eyes hoping to see something through it.

    "OK Mom, let the pro try!"

    "When is it my turn?" - ZooBorns

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    Amazing. And so damn cute!

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    looks like she thought it was a camera. how cute!
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