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Thread: Pamela Anderson helps pets abandoned after oil spill‎

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    Default Pamela Anderson helps pets abandoned after oil spill‎

    Pamela Anderson is in the doghouse again. And she doesn't mind one bit.
    Anderson, the honorary chairman of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, was in New Orleans earlier today to help relocate about 50 dogs from Louisiana to Virginia.
    Why the big move?
    Shelters in the area have apparently become more crowded than ever since the BP oil spill. Many pets are being brought in by people who can longer care for them after losing their jobs and income because of the spill.
    "People can't afford to feed their families, so the family member that gets left behind and has to go is the pet," Anderson told me before flying to New Orleans late last night.
    Once the dogs are in Virginia, PETA will work with the Virginia Beach SPCA to find homes for them. "There are so many more pets than homes, but we think that by bringing attention to it, people are going to be inspired to help and adopt some," Anderson said.
    Anderson is leading by example. She adopted two small dogs this morning and named them after actresses Gina Lollobrigida and Brigitte Bardot.

    Read more: Pamela Anderson Adopts...Two Oil Spill-Affected Dogs! - E! Online

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    Say what you want but she has a good heart.
    "Well isn't that special"

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    ^^ yep

    wouldn't it be nice if each shelter could pass dogs around to places who don't have dogs or cats.. geez

    I understand how hard it is for people - the more the economy tanks the more the cost of things seems to go up. Our vet bills are running higher than they ever have and we no longer have to wait to get an appointment.

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    Good for her, I just hope the animals don't end up in a PETA shelter. They have a bad track record.

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    I'd like to age like sea glass.


    Id feed my dogs rice and beans before I'd give them up..... I cant imagine having to give up my dogs, I'd dumpster dive for them if i had to.

    Kudos to Pam....she really should hook up with Mickey Rourke, a match made in heaven.

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    not a fan of Pam, or PETA , but i do like this story
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