The days of wondering whether your cat’s OK while you’re away may have gone.
A new luxurious feline hotel could mean your pet has an even better holiday than you.
Four-legged guests who check in at the hotel in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, can live it up in style with amazing treats from the hotel's organic ‘A La Cat’ menu.
Scrumptious delights to suit every moggy's palette include poached salmon, tiger prawns and even steamed white fish for delicate tummies - all served on a shiny silver platters and bone china plates.

Purrfect retreat: Sparky the cat relaxes beside in the Autumn Suite at Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel

With six individually-themed heated chalets to choose from and lots of space, guest cats are treated to Jazz and Classical music fed through a £5,000 state-of-the-art sound system.
Owners Abi and Matt Purser have ensured their four-legged patrons will never get bored at the hotel which costs between £15 and £19 a night, with extras like the A La Cat menu at £3.50 a day.
Outside their private bedroom windows are bird boxes to make sure birds fly in nearby to keep the cats are entertained.
Porcelain water fountains deliver perfectly fresh oxygenated water to keep all the guests purrfectly hydrated.
With the pampered pussies safely tucked up in their lavish bedrooms, Mrs Purser, 35, and her 40-year-old husband offer around-the-clock care and send absent owners postcards and pictures giving updates on the kitties' own little holidays.

Moggy manor: Abi Purser, the owner of the hotel in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, outside the 'chalets'

And if life gets too tough the residents can take optional extras like the Grooming Pamper Package.
As well as delicate treatments for the ears and eyes the spoilt pets also get a nail shape, massage and shine.
Mrs Purser, said: ‘There are some pretty good catteries out their if you look, but no one has gone quite to the lengths we have in terms of comfort and style.
‘We are finding that people who have never used catteries before are booking in because they are attracted by what we offer.
‘We believe cats deserve this kind of treatment while their owners are hopefully getting the same standards on their trip away.’
‘The Hotel offers six chalets much larger than the norm, each with their own bedroom and exercise area creating the perfect stress free retreat for much treasured pets whilst they are in our care.
‘Cats can enjoy our Everyday menu, which is included in the cost, or you can opt for something a bit special from the A La Cat menu.

A La Cat menu: Mrs Purser feeds Sparky. Specialist dishes on offer include poached salmon and tiger prawns

‘All our menus have been developed under the consultation of a feline nutritionist and we use organic and responsibly farmed ingredients wherever possible.
‘We have invested in the best possible accommodation to build a bespoke design for our cat hotel, using state of the art materials to ensure our guests are snug and warm in the winter, and cool and calm in the summer.
‘We also ensure a standard of hygiene second to none.
‘Each chalet, like the Bluebell or Poppy suites, are decorated with individual themes and all come with deep comfortable beds.’
And for the pickiest puss, one of the suites is super-sized so the lucky guest can really stretch out.
‘There are bigger breeds which might enjoy the extra-large chalet,’ Mrs Purser added.

Pussy playground: The Bonsai Suite apparatus for guests to play on while being serenaded by music

‘Or it could be good for customers from multi-cat households who want their kitties staying together for company.
‘The music, the complex toys and the bird boxes all outside are just some of the twists we've used to make sure the cats stay stimulated.
‘The music is constantly changed to stop our guests from getting bored.
‘We will shortly be installing a machine which blows out catnip flavoured bubbles. We want the cats to stay active, happy and entertained while they're here.’

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