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Thread: Baby Bush Dogs

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    Default Baby Bush Dogs

    In late May, Chester Zoo welcomed a litter of seven Bush Dog pups, which were photographed by Gary Wilson. Like wolves and domestic dogs, the Bush Dog is a member of the canine family (Canidae) but the relationship is distant and they developed to look very different. In fact, Bush Dogs descended from Maned Wolves which are themselves not closely related to any other living wolf or fox. Small and shy, Bush Dogs were first discovered as fossils in Brazilian caves in the 1800s and scientists were suprised when they discovered living Bush Dogs years later. Found in the wet forests and grasslands of Central and South America, specialized skin between their toes make them excellent swimmers.

    ZooBorns: Bush Dog

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    Cuuuuute! And get a load of dem claws! Ow ow ow!
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    aw i love the one sticking its tongue out!
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