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Thread: Baby Dolphin Born at Minnesota Zoo

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    Default Baby Dolphin Born at Minnesota Zoo

    Photo credits: Bob Cole

    Courtesy Minnesota ZooAllie and baby are reported to be doing just fine

    ​Last time we checked in with the ongoing soap opera among the dolphins at the Minnesota Zoo, Spree, the socially awkward one, was being shipped off to Chicago.
    Better news today. Allie, 23, just had a baby. She gave birth to a 30-pound, 3-feet-long calf on Saturday after a yearlong-pregnancy and two hours of labor. Boy or girl? Folks at the zoo haven't figured that one out yet. Either way, the calf's arrival makes Allie's mom, April, a grandmother.
    The birth is a triumph for Allie, who moved to the Minnesota Zoo in 2008, and in 2009 delivered a stillborn calf. And it's a welcome development for the zoo after three of its dolphins died in 2006.
    Don't rush to the zoo to see the new wee wet one, though. She's not likely to make her public debut until the fall.
    The baby dolphin's dad, who goes by the name of Semo, is one of the oldest known guy dolphins in captivity with enough mojo to make babies, according to the zoo. We salute his vitality

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    Oh, they are ridiculously cute. Look how that little bug sticks next to momma

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    How cute is that??
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    Awwww...just beautiful!

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    So precious. Always a smile on their faces.

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