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    Default Cat burglar

    Cat Steals Underpants and Owners Call the Police

    by Josh Loposer (Subscribe to Josh Loposer's posts) Jul 15th 2010 @ 4:00PM Filed Under: Cats, Pets News Corbis

    Another summer, another rash of animals stealing our underpants.

    According to the Daily Mirror, a couple from the U.K. was so concerned about their kitty's criminal mischief that they had to call the police. That's because Oscar, the cat that Peter and Birgitt Weismantel were fostering, turned out to be a feline kleptomaniac.

    What started as just a cute habit of bringing home old socks and rubber gloves developed into a full-blown thievery habit, with a cache of over 70 stolen items and counting. And what's Oscar's favorite loot? Underpants!

    It's that detail that convinced the Weismantels to report their cat burglar to the authorities. They were worried that their neighbors might think that there was a pervert on the loose in their community. Just last week, Oscar reportedly brought home 10 pairs of children's underwear one by one, enough to prompt major community-wide panic.

    "The officer I spoke to thought it was pretty amusing but he could see why I was worried," Peter Weismantel tells the Mirror.

    Despite Oscar's troubling fascination with undergarments, the Weismantels say they still plan to adopt the panty pilferer. "He's got a lovely personality," explains Mrs. Weismantel, who's been fostering the cat since last Christmas. "If anyone is missing any underwear, it would be good to put their minds at rest that it's only a cat pinching them and not someone more unpleasant."

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    Cute story but I still don't think people should be allowing their cats to roam around the streets.
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    This is a great story! I had a dog who used to sneak out and steal things from the neighbors. She came home with a hammer once, and another time she stole a bucket!
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    we had a cat that used to bring home socks. we had dozens of stray socks every week.
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