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Thread: Charges Likely After Dog Dies From Heat-Related Injuries

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    Default Charges Likely After Dog Dies From Heat-Related Injuries

    Charges Likely After Dog Dies From Heat-Related Injuries - Cincinnati Weather News Story - WLWT Cincinnati

    Charges Likely After Dog Dies From Heat-Related Injuries

    Animal Found Passed Out In Afternoon Heat

    HAMILTON, Ohio --

    "A Hamilton dog found unconscious in the midday heat has died.
    Dog Warden Kurt Merbs said some children found the dog Thursday afternoon outside a home on a piece of cardboard placed on cement.
    "This one was just pure neglect on (the owners) part no shelter whatsoever," Merbs said. "There wasn't even a lean-to. There was nothing for this dog."
    The female pit bull terrier was unconscious but breathing, Merbs said, and the children called 911 and dumped cold water of the dog, named Tila.
    Video: Veterinarians Try To Save Tila
    Animal welfare officers took the dog to a veterinarian, and she was hooked up to intravenous fluids to treat dehydration.
    "She lifted her head up a couple of times, looked around. She was actually kind of coherent at some point, so I mean, that gave everybody hope at that time," Merbs said.
    However, Merbs said the dog was basically cooked from the inside out and did not survive.
    "There are cases where dogs won't even drink hot water because it's not really to keep them hydrated; it's to bring their temperature down," said Julie Holmes, Butler County chief dog warden.
    Charges are pending against the dog's owners, who live in a home on Chestnut Street.
    Animal control officers said they went to the house to investigate and found a second dog, Sonny, tied up in the same spot Tila had been, but they said that dog was healthy.
    Another dog died Wednesday of heat-related injuries in an unrelated incident after becoming tangled in a leash outside and was unable to move to a shady area, officials said.
    They said no charges would be filed in that animal's death, which was ruled an accident.
    Temperatures this week have reached the mid-90s, and a heat alert issued earlier in the week remained in effect until Thursday evening.
    "They have fur coats," said Meg Stephenson, of the Animal Friends Humane Society. "No matter what, even shortest of coats, at 90-100 degrees they're going to respond to heat."
    Experts say dogs should have wet towels placed on their head and feet if they are unresponsive, panting heavily or becoming lethargic, and dog owners should then immediately call a veterinarian."

    This breaks my heart! Why do people even have dogs if you're going to leave them out all day? Just cruel..

    The images are so sad!

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    Stupid pet owners. Why don't they get a fake dog if he stays outside in this weather. This is just cruel.
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    I have never understood why you have a dog or cat, only to leave them out all day and night. Sometimes chained to a tree stump. Makes no sense. It's very cruel and I hope these morons are charged.

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    ^^^I have 2 strictly outdoor cats and they do just fine with adequate shelter, including a heated area inside the garage in the winter. I have to FIGHT with my husky/chow every day to keep him inside b/c he doesn't know what is best for him. Also, if your animal is overheated, Gatorade or Pedialite works well, as does rubbing their paw pads with alcohol.
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