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Thread: Neglected dog gets head stuck in wall‎

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    Default Neglected dog gets head stuck in wall‎

    This was the pitiful result when a pet dog trapped without food and water made a desperate attempt to free herself.
    Nikita, a rottweiler cross, tried to crawl through a six-inch vent used for a tumble dryer and was left with her head sticking through the outside wall of her owner's flat.

    Trapped: The neglected dog gets stuck in a six-inch hole trying to escape

    Neighbours who spotted her forlorn face sticking out of the brickwork alerted the RSPCA who freed the pet with the help of firefighters.
    Shocked inspectors found the flat, in Luton, Bedfordshire, filthy with faeces in every room.
    Disgraced owner Montgomery Wandera, 24, was banned from keeping pets for the next five years after admitting neglect at Luton Magistrates' Court yesterday.
    He was also handed a 12-month community order of 100 hours of unpaid work and told to pay £500 costs.

    Hole in the wall: Nikita forced her way though a six inch hole used for the kitchen's tumble dryer vent

    Prosecutor Mark Jones told magistrates that Wandera disappeared for two days to go away with friends in January leaving Nikita with no food, water or fresh air.
    Speaking after the hearing, RSPCA Inspector Mel Fisher said it was unacceptable case of wilful neglect.
    She said: ‘The owner failed in his duty of care for the dog as it was left unattended for two days and had its head caught in the same hole on a previous occasion.
    ‘We just hope this case sends out the message to the public that under no circumstances can animals be left to fend for themselves, and it is not acceptable to leave them unattended for long period of times.

    Rescued: Nikita is freed by firefighters after she was found by neighbours

    ‘Fortunately in this case, the dog escaped relatively unhurt, but had we attended later rather than sooner, who knows what would have happened.’
    Wandera admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal by unreasonably confining it in an environment that was detrimental to its well-being.
    He told the court that he had been away with friends and his car broke down.
    After making a full recovery, Nikita was been re-homed with a new loving family.

    Pet dog locked in home without food for two days while owner goes partying gets stuck making desperate bid for freedom | Mail Online

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    Awe, that's the cutest dog ever. I'm glad everything worked out for her in end. Poor little thing.
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    Poor thing must have been so desperate. What the fuck is wrong with people?

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    Poor dog. People suck.

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    Awww it looks like she's saying, I know.. in the 2nd pic. Glad she's okay!!!
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    That dog is so sweet. I am happy everything worked out well for her.

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    Luton. Figures
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    you already know.


    i hope everything works out for her too, look at her soulful hurting eyes. my god.

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