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Thread: It's a Mouse... It's a Deer... It's a Mouse Deer!

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    Default It's a Mouse... It's a Deer... It's a Mouse Deer!

    A tiny deer at Paignton Zoo has given birth just months after she lay critically ill on the operating table. A long and complicated illness required the tiny lesser Malay mouse deer to undergo multiple rounds of general anaesthesia and surgery. Due to the hard work of zoo vets and a little luck, the tiny deer overcame it's illness and on June 19th gave birth to an even tinier little fawn. Mouse deer are the smallest members of the animal family that includes pigs, hippos, camels, deer, antelopes, sheep and goats. Adults are 45 to 55 centimetres long (18 to 22 inches) and can live for about 12 years.

    It's a Mouse... It's a Deer... It's a Mouse Deer! - ZooBorns

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    oh my it's a wee deer! Kinda cute but creepy at the same time.
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    what. the. hell.

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    All I see is the Cockamouse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SVZ View Post
    what. the. hell.
    Lol! I have never seen or heard of these things. How very odd, but it's cute!

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