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Thread: Seagull sleeps in cat's beds and eats their food

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    Default Seagull sleeps in cat's beds and eats their food

    A confused seagull adopted by a family after he fell down their chimney now thinks he is one of their cats.
    Steve and June Grimwood rescued the herring gull, who they named Mr Pooh, and brought him up with their pets.
    Mr Pooh used to rest in the cats' baskets and eat their food and still returns every day in summer, pecking on the door to come in for a feed.

    Basket case: The seagull thinks it is a cat and often sleeps in its bed

    Greedy gull: The bird eats the cats' food with them out of a bowl

    The Grimwoods, from Shoreham in West Sussex, found him as a baby after he popped out of the chimney three years ago covered in black soot.
    Mr Grimwood, 52, said: 'His parents were long gone so we looked after him in the garden for a few days. We have three cats and at first they were a bit wary of him but after a week or so he was eating cat food out of a bowl with them.
    'I think he thought he was a cat.'
    Now Mitzi, Gus and Henry let him share their food when he flies down from the roof, where he has nested with a female.
    June Grimwood, 50, said: 'He comes to visit three times a day for breakfast, dinner and tea and makes himself known by pecking on the door to come in.
    'He doesn't try to attack us because he is used to us.
    'He'll often just wander in and help himself to cat food or the cats' biscuits.
    'He also knows the sound of the fridge door opening and he'll come in for that as well.
    'He's just like another pet in the family and even comes when he is called.'

    Read more: Confused seagull that thinks he's a cat: Bird sleeps in pet's bed and eats their food | Mail Online

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    That kitty looks very pissed..

    I don''t know if she really fucked the board though. Maybe just put the tip in. -Mrs. Dark

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    So cute! Those kitties seem a bit -umm-fluffy.
    I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up.-Mae West

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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    So cute! Those kitties seem a bit -umm-fluffy.
    Haha yes. No one is going hungry in that house.

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    Looks like the tuxedo kitty is plotting revenge.
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    The black and white kitty does not looked amused. I hate seagulls though, obnoxious, annoying birds. Though when I was a little kid, one took a massive shit on my stepmom (I couldn't stand that woman then), and I loved that particular seagull.

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