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Thread: Little Lemurs Swing into Cleveland

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    Default Little Lemurs Swing into Cleveland

    Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is proud to announce the birth of two red ruffed lemurs, a male and a female, on June 7, 2010. The births continue the Zoo's long history of success with the species. They are the first offspring of father Toros and mother Vari, who was born at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in May 2005. They are gaining strength quickly and are regularly seen crawling out of their nest box, climbing onto their mother, playing and hanging from the branches within their enclosure. The babies are on exhibit in the Zoo's Primate, Cat & Aquatics Building. Red ruffed lemurs are native to Madagascar and critically endangered in the wild.

    Female at 1 Day Old

    Male at 1 Day Old

    Hitching a Ride with Mom

    Little Lemurs Swing into Cleveland - ZooBorns

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    Omigosh cuteness overload!!!!
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    Lemurs are so cool.

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