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Thread: Two Faced Kitten Born in West Virginia

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    Default Two Faced Kitten Born in West Virginia

    Two Faced Kitten Born

    Two faced kitten born in West Virginia. The kitten was born with two faces with an extremely rare genetic condition called Diprosopus, whereby part or all of the head is duplicated. Two Faced, the kitten's name, has four eyes, two noses and two mouths.

    "Some people say 'That's horrible. It's just not right,'" Marty, the pet owner, said in a statement. Frank and Louie quickly win them over with his gentle, friendly personality. He rubs up against your legs and sometimes licks your hand. "Those same people are the ones who end up going 'Oh, I love him. He's so sweet.'" Marty described the cat as having a temperament more like that of a dog.

    In most cases these animals do not survive for very long. Thus far he is beating the odds. The Kanawha Humane Society is helping the owners provide the kitten with the specialized care it needs.

    The kitten owners are hoping that with this extra help, it has a chance at 18 lives. This is uncommon. However, anything is possible.

    Due to associated internal organ abnormalities and brain abnormalities few of these animals survive. One of the most famous survivors is Ditto the pig. Ditto was raised to adulthood, but died of pneumonia caused by food inhalation when breathing through one muzzle while eating with the other.

    Next there are "Frank and Louie" a 6-year-old cat with two faces from Millbury, MA born in 2006. The cat has two mouths, two noses and two working eyes. A third eye in the middle is not functional. Only one of the mouths is connected to an esophagus, so Frank gets all the food.


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    its cute and sad all at the same time.
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    Figures it is from West Virginia-the mommy cat and daddy cat were probably brother/sister or father/daughter.

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