Bandages are wrapped around the rescued dog, Cami, where she suffered burns during her 30 minutes in the engine compartment.

How Much Is That Puppy In the Crankshaft?
Lancaster, South Carolina resident Darlene Broome was expecting a dramatic rescue of a different sort when she followed her husband’s ambulance to the hospital on Friday. Her husband had been experiencing chest pains at home.
Driving fast and furious, Broome had almost reached the hospital when she began to hear strange whimpering noises from under her automobile’s hood. She went to investigate, and found herself staring at an adorable black puppy who had somehow managed to get himself stuck in her engine. “Opened the hood and there was a small, black, fuzzy puppy’s head with his little white eyes showing,” Broome told reporters. “I’m thinking, ‘I need to get to the hospital as quickly as possible and I can’t leave this little puppy stuck in my car.”
She flagged down mechanic Matt Baxley and the two went to work. “She was definitely stuck. We had to take a good bit off the car to get the dog out,” Baxley said. “It was about to be at the point where she had to decide if she wanted to save the dog, or she wanted her car to make it on to the hospital.”
Luckily the two managed to unwedge the puppy without having to resort to drastic measures. Husband, car and dog are all reported to be doing fine.

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