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Thread: Baby caiman crocodiles make their debut at sea park

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    Default Baby caiman crocodiles make their debut at sea park

    This deceptively cute newborn is bringing a new meaning to the phrase 'little nipper'.
    The tiny baby is one of the smallest species of crocodile in the world - and is learning to feed with the help of a baby bottle.
    His favourite crickets, crabs and shellfish have been crammed into the bottle to help excite the youngster's taste-buds and encourage him to feed.

    Feeding time: A zoo handler feeds a baby Cuvier's dwarf caiman crocodile from a bottle containing crickets, crabs and shellfish

    The cheeky Cuvier's dwarf caiman croc is one of five new arrivals at the Weymouth Sea Life Park in Dorset.
    He has been flown in along with four brothers and sisters from the Gerald Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust at Jersey Zoo, US, where they are bred.
    Experts are hoping the new additions will help them understand more about the diminutive crocs, which have been little studied before.
    The babies made their debut on display in their nursery tank at the Weymouth Sea Life rainforest exhibition yesterday.
    Fiona Smith, from Weymouth Sea Life Park, said: 'We're in the midst of a real baby boom but the baby crocs are the undoubted stars.

    Sarah Moseley wafts the bottle packed with creepy-crawlies in an attempt to excite the baby's taste buds

    'They look cute enough to cuddle and we're having a job remembering that any one of them could take your fingers off in seconds.
    'Because they are young, they need a bit of encouragement to start feeding properly and the bottle is the ideal way of getting them to scent their prey so they will then feed for themselves.
    'They will be relatively small even when fully grown, but they can be very dangerous.
    'They're happy to be handled at the moment, but it won't be long before they'll be trying to bite the hand that feeds them.
    'They're settling in well to their new home and we're hoping to learn a lot more about them from observing their behaviour.'
    Cuvier's dwarf caiman crocodiles are native to South America and feed on invertebrates such as crabs and shellfish, with wild adults also branching out to fish.
    They live in freshwater, with adult females growing to just four foot and males a maximum of around five foot.
    Little else is known about them, and it is hoping the five new additions at Weymouth will help shed more light on the species.

    Male adults of the species can grow up to 5ft, with females typically reaching 4ft

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    They are so cute.
    Only the good die young.........................
    bitches like me live forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

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