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Thread: The geese left in charge of 40 goslings

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    Default The geese left in charge of 40 goslings

    If you think looking after two or three children is stressful enough, spare a thought for this over-worked parent.
    The Canada goose has been left in charge of 40 goslings on the Thames in Reading, with only one helper to lend a wing.
    Although so-called geese 'creches' - where the offspring of different parents get mixed up - are fairly common, experts say this is one of the largest and most understaffed they have seen.

    A pair of Canada geese take their very large brood for a swim along the River Thames at Caversham in Reading, Berkshire

    Grahame Madge of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said: 'Canada geese are well known for forming creches.
    'You tend to get them in areas where you have quite a large number of nesting geese in a small area.
    'The broods get mixed up and you get a few adults looking after a large number of goslings.'
    Canada geese were introduced here in the 17th century.
    Like swans, they are monogamous and will only seek out a new mate if their partner dies.

    Bumper crop of babies: The fluffy youngsters treading water on the Thames

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    I'm exhausted just looking at them.
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    What fun!
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    The adults are pissy things. Poop everywhere, hiss at you, chase you.. total pests
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    The goslings are adorable but I don't like the adults so much, for the reasons Grimm gave. I remember one chasing me when I was a kid and I never liked going near them after that!

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    I was walking along the river the other day & seen a set of adults with 13 goslings, I thought that was alot. 40 looks exhausting. They are cute, but I agree they are pests.
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    I love posts like this!
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