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Thread: Cat, kitten drop-offs overwhelm Los Angeles woman

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    Default Cat, kitten drop-offs overwhelm Los Angeles woman

    Cat, kitten drop-offs overwhelm L.A. woman

    People she didn't know kept dumping cats in her yard, then the feral cats came for the food and then there were kittens and soon Lucille Aguilera was spending too much money, her health was in danger and she needed help.

    Which she received on Friday when humane officers rounded up 30 cats and kittens from the home of the frail, 79-year-old woman.

    Aguilera was warned by her doctor, her daughter and her care worker that she needed help, said Madeline Bernstein, president of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles. Aguilera cooperated with humane officers to come up with a roundup plan.

    "I'm glad they came," Aguilera said.

    Lazy people, sneaks and strangers used her, Bernstein said.

    "I am just crying because I have to get rid of them. I don't know why they don't take them to the shelter. They just drop them off and leave them here. Some got run down in the alley. I hate to see cats die. I feel sorry for the cats. It makes me feel bad because I love cats," Aguilera said.

    Instead of taking unwanted pets to the shelter, people left them in her yard.

    "She is not a classic hoarder with hoarder disorders. She is somebody good-natured, using her money to feed and care for the cats. People were taking advantage of her. She knew she needed help," Bernstein said.

    It is a misdemeanor to deliberately abandon an animal anywhere in California.

    All the cats were fed and watered, Bernstein said, but Aguilera didn't have much money and could barely afford food, much less veterinarian bills.

    The cats were taken to the South Bay Pet Adoption Center, where vets will examine them. After a quarantine period, the healthy cats will be put up for adoption, Bernstein said. All except two, that is.

    Aguilera, who said she has diabetes, high blood pressure and bladder problems, has been promised that she will get Tabby and Daisy back - after they are spayed.

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    Oh shit, I'mma gonna have to be more careful! I started off with one cat, then got another kitten to keep her company, then got talked into taking a young cat that a neighbour had got for their kids, which they'd then lost interest in... After that I was marked out as a soft hearted sucker and ended up with two more cats dumped on me in a similar fashion and have had people asking if I'd be willing to take in more, but I've managed to say no. Five is more than enough for me. People need to put more thought and effort into rehoming unwanted animals rather than just trying to offload them on whoever is close by and good natured - or better yet, don't bloody get a pet on a whim!
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    that lady could be my mother in law. she has 7 cats, and feeds strays all the time.

    i will add, if she feeds strays she does trap them and gets them fixed.
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    Man. I do wish more people realized the horrible consequences of not spaying/neutering animals. Poor animals, and that poor lady. I hate when people take advantage of generous folks like her.

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