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Thread: 'Doggles' aid military canines in Afghanistan and Iraq

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    Default 'Doggles' aid military canines in Afghanistan and Iraq

    'Doggles' aid military canines in Afghanistan and Iraq - Yahoo! News

    Military dogs are a vital part of our ground forces overseas, as the Defense Department notes — helping with such tasks as explosives detection, search-and-rescue missions and base guard duty. And no effort is spared in letting the dogs themselves know how important they are, with books, websites and songs paying tribute to them.

    It stands to reason that such valuable canines would, like the human soldiers they serve with, need protection to ward off sand, dirt and debris that can infiltrate the area of the eyes in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. That's where Doggles come in.

    Yes, Doggles are a common military field accessory, and you can even buy them for your own civilian pooch. Doggles are "the first and only eye protection designed and created just for dogs," Doggles' website explains. The fashion-forward product — also used to protect rescue dogs working at ground zero after the 9/11 terrorist attacks — comes in a range of sizes and styles.

    No word on whether the company manufactures special night-vision Doggles. If it does, then, well, eat your heart out, Corey Hart.

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    Very "Snoopy Flying his Doghouse" looking. Stylin'.
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