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Thread: Hero dogs that saved hundreds during the Blitz are honoured

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    Default Hero dogs that saved hundreds during the Blitz are honoured

    In the canine world they are the Magnificent Seven – the dogs that helped us survive the Blitz.
    As the bombs fell on London they scoured the rubble of ruined buildings, finding hundreds of survivors for rescue teams.
    When the Second World War ended, each was awarded the Dickin Medal for uncommon valour, the four-legged equivalent of a Victoria Cross and the highest honour bestowed by the charity the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals.
    Now, in the 70th anniversary year of the Blitz, all seven are to be remembered in a PDSA roll of honour.


    Peter: Passed search-dog training with distintion

    His owners signed him over to the War Office in the hope he might help on the Home Front. He passed search-dog training with distinction and went on to locate a succession of victims trapped in or under bombed buildings.
    His most triumphant moment came when he saved the life of a small boy in Chelsea after one of the last flying bomb attacks on London.
    Recognition came when the Civil Defence was formally stood down at a parade in Hyde Park.


    Rip: Rescued more than 100 people

    A stray adopted by an air raid warden unit after being bombed out of his London dockland home.
    They couldn’t stop him becoming a search and rescue dog – it seemed he did it for the enjoyment.
    In 12 months between 1940 and 1941, he rescued more than 100 people from the air-raid ruins. He carried on the good work for another four years.


    Jet: Called out every night until the end of the air attacks in the capital

    Jet of Lada, to give him his full pedigree, was born in Liverpool to celebrated breeder Mrs Babcock Cleaver.
    He attended ‘war dog’ school in Gloucester from the age of nine months and was initially stationed in Northern Ireland, later distinguishing himself in anti-sabotage work for the Government.
    When he was rebased in London, he became one of the most successful rescue dogs of the war, called out every night until the end of the air attacks on the capital.


    Pioneered a special squad to locate and rescue trapped animals despite never being trained for a wartime role.
    Her owner Bill Barnett, a PDSA superintendent, used to take her on patrol with him when he toured the East End with a Civil Defence unit. She rescued 63 animals overall.

    Beauty: Pioneered a special squad to locate and rescue trapped animals


    Irma trained at the Ministry of Aircraft Production Dog School and is credited with saving hundreds of lives.
    Her ability to locate victims through the most dense and difficult obstacles constantly astounded her handlers.

    Irma: Ability to locate victims constantly astounded her handlers

    After one air raid she insisted she had found life under a collapsed house, and refused to budge.
    After a day, rescuers pulled two young girls alive from the ruins.


    Thorn came from a distinguished line of search and rescue dogs.
    He was spectacularly fearless and happy to dash into blazing buildings to do his sniffer duty inside.
    He once found a family trapped under a burning house.
    How he detected their scent baffled rescuers – but they got the family out alive.

    'Outstanding good work': Alsatians Rex, left, and Thorn


    Rex was described by Civil Defence authorities as having done ‘outstanding good work’ during the years he worked to the end of the war in 1945.
    They said he ‘displayed uncanny intelligence and outstanding determination in his efforts to follow up any scent which led him to a trapped casualty’.

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    Aww, that's really nice. Sometimes, people forget how much dogs do for us in times of trouble and war. They don't ask for much in return...just a little love, a pet and something to eat.

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    So true Kris^^^

    Great story, thanks for posting it.

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