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Thread: Kitty the Cat is Backpacking from Miami to Ushuaia

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    Default Kitty the Cat is Backpacking from Miami to Ushuaia

    Kitty the Cat, found as a kitten abandoned on a roadside in Louisiana, is having the adventure of her life. Her goal: to hike from Miami to Ushuaia entirely on foot/paws, spending just 2 Euros a day, and completing the trip in three years.
    Accompanying her on her journey are William and Laetitia, a French couple who believe “money does not buy happiness.” In a world where material gain is an obsession, this young couple will meet and interview the people they meet along the way — poor, rich, and middle class — exploring how they live and survive. The threesome is sharing their adventures via photos and video.
    Kitty obviously adores William, and spends much of her time wrapped around his neck or snuggled in his backpack. He’s rigged an umbrella to shade her from the harsh sun. She’s outgoing and always in the mood to meet new friends. Here are a few of the shots of Kitty on the road:
    website where you can follow their adventure.

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    That is just too cool and sweet!

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    Gorgeous looking cat too
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    Just a little thing too. Happy kitty.
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    Aww, how cute! I love the last three pics. What a sweet face!
    Rock the fuck on!

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