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Thread: Great Dane Rocky finds new home after TV appeal

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    Default Great Dane Rocky finds new home after TV appeal

    When Rocky the dog was given up by his previous owners because he grew too big, the chances he might be rehomed looked remote.
    The giant Great Dane cross measures 6ft nose-to-tail, tips the scale at 13st and needs two people to walk him with two leads because of his strength.
    Sure enough, Rocky spent six months in Cheshire Dogs' Home being overlooked by would-be owners.
    But after a national appeal, Gail Foster and her partner Rob Drever-Smith decided to come and have a look.
    It was love at first sight.

    TV appeal: Gail Foster, 30, is towered over by 13-stone Great Dane Rocky who she adopted after spotting on a national news programme

    The couple decided to take on the massive task of looking after Rocky - even though it was their very first dog.
    NHS project manager Gail, of York, said: 'Understandably he was starting to get kennel fever and needed a home.
    'Apparently he was obviously getting people's attention but no-one felt they could take him on because he was so big.
    'We saw him on a news show, he looked like a lovely dog so we thought we would go over and have a look.
    'We seemed to take to each other straight away.'
    The 31-year-old added: 'He can be quite intimidating on first impressions due to his size and the volume of his bark, but he's such a loving dog we wouldn't change him for the world.
    'He's a gentle giant, he causes no problems at all and I can happily take him for walks.

    Enlarge Best friends: Rocky was getting a little 'kennel crazy' after spending six months in a dogs' home then Gail decided he was the dog for her

    'The only issue is he doesn't like rain so we got him a nice jacket so he can go out in all weathers.'
    Despite his size, Rocky eats the same amount of standard dog food as a normal large dog. Due to his relatively modest appetite she says she only spends about £40 a month on him, and walks him twice a day for forty minutes at a time.
    She added: 'When I was a child my aunt had a Newfoundland dog but I'd never been in a position to have a dog as an adult until now. I've always loved Great Danes so he seemed the perfect dog.
    'He's loving, adorable and obedient. He's also the laziest dog I've ever known. He would sleep every hour in the day if he could.

    'It's a real job to get him up in the morning, sometimes we have to tip him out of his bed.
    'I think people assume he must eat a massive amount of food because of his size but he doesn't.
    'He loves to curl up on the sofa especially when the weather is unpleasant. The main problem is getting accessories to fit him.'
    Anna Widdowson, manager of the Grappenhall home, added: 'We’re delighted that Rocky has settled in. During his time at the home, the confines of the kennels were quite stressful for a dog his size.
    'We were lucky to find new owners with both the space to accommodate him and the experience in looking after large dogs.'

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    If she's 30, so am I!
    Baltimore O's ​Fan!

    I don''t know if she really fucked the board though. Maybe just put the tip in. -Mrs. Dark

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    I know I'll get told off about this, but I find British people don't age well. Out of all the nationalities I worked with on cruise ships, I found the Brits consistently looked much older than their real age. Also, remember this woman, ehehe...
    Go Habs Go!!

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    Such a sweet ol' doggy. I am glad they had room for him.
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    There's a great dane in my subdivision; met him last year while pedaling around on my bike. Can you say "HYOOGE"?? And the drool factor is about 20 out of 10. Real friendly guy though; he was older and was afflicted with hip dysplasia and moved a little slow.
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