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Thread: Lion Cub & House Cat Become Fast Friends

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    you already know.

    Talking Lion Cub & House Cat Become Fast Friends

    Lion Cub, House Cat Become Fast Friends
    Zoo Visitors Can Watch Via Video

    POSTED: 6:01 am PST March 2, 2006
    UPDATED: 6:19 am PST March 2, 2006

    LINTON, England -- A baby lion has found an unlikely friend and protector in an ordinary house cat.

    Linton Zoo co-owner Kim Simmons has taken the 3-month-old cub, named "Safina," into her home.

    The little lion is the latest arrival at the English zoo. Just like both of her parents, Safina is being being hand-raised in a domestic setting.

    Safina, which means "beautiful one" in Swahili, has become friends with the house cat named "Arnie."

    Arnie and Safina play all the time, with Kim Simmons keeping a close eye on them.

    "Lions grow very fast indeed, and the cats don't appreciate how quick they're growing," Simmons said. "So, from the domestic cat's point of view, we have to supervise play because she's now quite heavy and we have to be careful."

    Visitors can watch Safina and Arnie live via video in the zoo's coffee shop.
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    man this cub is gonna wake up one morning a full grown lion and eat this cat for a snack! cute pics at

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    That is so sweet! I hope she keeps as good of an eye on them as she says she does.

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