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Thread: Dog leads rescuers to fire‎

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    Default Dog leads rescuers to fire‎

    This is the kind of Buddy you really want in a crisis.
    Buddy the German Shepherd proved to be a real-life Lassie as he led police straight to his family home which was on fire.
    The frantic pet dog can be seen on police dashcam footage looking back repeatedly to make sure the car was still following as he took them round narrow, unlit bends to the inferno.
    Scroll down for video

    Buddy go get help: The German Shepherd spots the trooper's car and races off in the direction of the burning house

    Real-life Lassie: Buddy leads the trooper down unlit, winding roads

    Near-tragedy: Buddy brings the trooper right up to his family's burning home

    Owner Ben Heinrichs, 23, insists the amazing rescue started when his dog raced off after he told him: 'Buddy, we need to get help.'
    Alaska State Trooper Terrence Shanigan was struggling to find the fire after his navigation system froze - and says he acted on a hunch and followed the dog after seeing its sense of urgency.
    Now Buddy is being awarded with a silver-plated dog bowl by troopers.
    Mr Heinrichs' work shop was destroyed and a nearby wood shed was badly burned in the fire.
    However, the Heinrichs family home escaped the flames, with only the trim around the kitchen window damaged by the fire.
    'Buddy's valiant actions saved Trooper Shanigan valuable time in responding to the fire,' said Alaska State Troopers' director Col. Audie Holloway.
    'Buddy's pluckiness is a bright spot among an otherwise tragic event for the Heinrichs family.'


    Read more:

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    I love that wonderful dog!
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    Buddy is amazing.

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    Absolutely astounding - what a smart smart dog.
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    What an incredible dog. The video in particular is amazing.

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    How amazing! I would find my sweet Toby, burned underneath our dining room table...where he goes when he gets scared or nervous.

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    i wanna hug him and kiss him and give him tons of dogs chicken wet food!

    hes absolutely amazing. i watched this video first on ellen and i just cried.

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