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Thread: Dog stayed with her master until the end‎

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    Default Dog stayed with her master until the end‎

    Lady the Golden Retriever
    Warning: This is a weepy yet sweet story, so you might start to feel a little moistness in the dry desert known as your tear ducts so just tell people it's allergies. Cover your coffee or you might get some tears in there.
    An 81-year-old Ohio man named Parley Nichols, who suffered from dementia, was found dead about a mile from his home a week after he went missing. Parley's loyal dog friend Lady stayed with him for the entire week. Police believe Lady only left his side to drink water from a nearby drainage ditch. Parley's body was finally found after Lady barked and wailed at someone walking by. The coroner's investigator said, "No question, she stayed out there on her own volition."
    Parley's family will now take care of Lady for the rest of her or their days.
    So damn loyal that Lady! My dog could learn a few things from Lady. If that was my dog, he would've cleaned out my pockets and hitched the next bus to Mexico to spend my cash on musky ass and chicharrónes. No respect.
    And you better go look at a picture of Heidi Montag or Jon Grosselin so your heart can freeze back up again.

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    I'd like to age like sea glass.


    AWWWW thats sweet. I can see my doggies staying with me to the end, yes most defintely.

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