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    Default Pet Essentials

    Being a new pet owner can be daunting. If you are new to pet ownership, you may not know what items are essential for the care and maintenance of your new family member. With that in mind, I have prepared this little list to help.

    1. Collar
    Truly vital. A collar says so much about your pet and, by extension, you. A truly distinctive collar will make your dog immediately identifiable thus eliminating the need for those tacky tags.

    Amour, Amour dog collar

    " Dubbed "the Bugatti of dog collars" by Forbes Senior Editor Matt Miller, this 52-carat diamond dog collar is truly the "World’s Most Expensive."

    Over 1,600 hand-set diamonds adorn Amour, Amour's chandelier design that features a stunning 7-carat, D-IF, brilliant-shaped centerpiece. The luster of platinum showcases the diamonds' radiance, while 18-karat white gold provides the strength for this precious piece to last a lifetime. Exotic crocodile leather provides comfort and durability for the pampered pooch with the privilege to wear this exclusive collar. "

    and it can be yours for a mere $3,200,000 Source

    I do recognize that not everyone has the means so there is also the less expensive Amour de la Mer

    "The love between people and their dogs is deeper than any ocean. With a sapphire pendant as blue and sparkling as the sea, Amour de la Mer ("love of the sea") symbolizes the depth of this bond.

    The 8.5-carat sapphire is illuminated by over 600 hand-set diamonds. An ostrich leather band provides the flexibility and durability to last a lifetime."

    for only $899,000 Source Do make sure that you do not reenact that scene from Titanic wherein Rose chucks the Coeur de la Mer necklace over board while your pet is still wearing the collar. The beauty is so breathtaking that is is possible to get a bit carried away.

    2. Pet Carrier
    At some point, your baby is going to need to be toted about whether it is a simple trip to the vet or a weekend in the Hamptons. I prefer this one. It is made in Italy of 100% ostrich leather unlike those cheap things you see carried by minor celebrities.

    Gioia - Ostrich Dog Carrier
    "Made in Italy from luxurious, exotic ostrich leather, this dog carrier will have heads turning as you walk down the street! As the name suggests, it will truly be a joy for your dog to ride in this carrier, as she snuggles amongst the opulence of a soft suede and shearling interior. Mesh ventilation screens on the top and sides of the carrier mean that not only will your pooch be comfortable, but she can look out on the world and watch the passers-by. The zippered top and side section of the carrier give your dog easy access in and out of the bag, while also allowing her to pop her head out as you walk along to take in the scene, while remaining within the safety and comfort of the bag. Two long leather straps allow you to comfortably carry the bag over your shoulder, and 4 metal feet protect the base of carrier when you pop it on the ground to let Fifi bounce out and play with her date. And because you and your dog care about style, the Gioia carrier comes with matching ostrich leather collar and leash set. This bag is truly the best luxury you and your dog can buy.
    protect the base

    $12000.00 and truly worth it. Source

    But what if your baby has an upset tum tum and you don't want to get vomit all over the fine suede interior? At times like these, it's good to have an inexpensive back up carrier. Some good deals can be found on eBay of all places!

    "Mint Condition Louis Vuitton M42021 SAC CHIEN 50 used one time. Original packing still inside carrier. New With Tags!! Resistant to water and scratches. Double Zip around closure. Breathable metal mesh window with adorable roll up flap. Monogram Canvas. Size 19.7" X 13.4" X 9A". Fits under all airline carriers seats. Cross Grain Rounded Leather Handles. Washable Lining. Golden Brass Pieces. Largest Size Available. Mint, Mint, Mint!!! There are no dog bites of any kind on this sassy number; call it flawless! Mint Interior & Excellent Exterior Condition!! Original Sales Receipt upon request during bidding process, via email or fax. This bag originates from the Louis Vuitton Store on 5th Avenue, NYC (REQUEST RECEIPTS, as there are too many fraudulent replica's!!) This bag is guaranteed to be authentic and you will be sent the original sales receipt along with the bag, as you will need to re-register the bag & serial number to your own name and address. Featured in OK Magazine by Jessica Simpson & Spencer and Stephanie Pratt last year. Keys, lock and dust bag included. The Buy It Now Price Will Be $1700.00 or you can make me an appropriate offer. Retail MSRP for the sac was over $2200.00. Insurance will be included in the shipping price and will be stuffed, bubble wrapped and double boxed.
    US $1,700.00Buy It Now" Source

    I'm not so sure that I would want to put my precious in a used carrier, but it might be all right for your dog.

    3. Bath Accessories

    At some point, your little buddy is going to get dirty and you'll need one of these. Trust me, dogs love it. Just because they couldn't get an actual dog to go in one and had to resort to (badly) photoshopping one in doesn't mean a thing.

    The Canine Shower Stall.

    "This dog shower has 16 water-jet nozzles and a showerhead that wash and rinse your canine in an enclosed space. The jet nozzles produce vigorous streams of water that penetrate even the thickest coats to clean pet hair and remove dead skin cells. A handheld, adjustable-flow showerhead has a 38" hose that allows you to easily wash and rinse the paws, underbody, and other hard-to-reach areas. Two integrated leashes gently restrain pets and dual locking doors keep dogs confined. The shower's 31"-high walls and a partial, clear plastic roof help keep water inside the shower (and off of you) yet allow access to the dog. The spa connects to a spigot or faucet using the included adapters and a garden hose or a 1/2" braided metal hose. A 2'-long flexible drainpipe channels used water out of the shower. The shower has two locking casters, the 9 1/2' cu. interior accommodates dogs up to 200 lbs., and a removable shelf elevates small canines. A 41" L x 25" W x 31" H. (130 lbs.)"

    $1,250.00 Source

    Price naturally does not include the staff. What? You didn't think I was going to get my hands wet did you?

    4. Cute Little Outfits

    Ok, this isn't really an essential, but who can resist? And how better to celebrate having your little girl bred to a champion stud than to dress her up for her big day?

    Aurora Lace Wedding Dress

    "Whether your dog is getting ready to tie the knot with her canine intended, or you want your precious pooch to share your own most special day, these lavish gowns will make your furry friend feel absolutely fabulous.

    Made with exquisite attention to detail out of satin, lace, organza, and tulle, and accessorized with a selection of delicate tiaras, these fabulous gowns will make your pup look like the perfect princess you know she is.

    Choose one of the beautiful gowns in the Enchanted Collection, or send us your own design and we‚€™ll make one that fits perfectly with the aesthetic of your celebration.

    Purchase this beautiful gown, or call 1-888-iLOVWOOF or email us to discuss getting a gown tailor-made.

    This dress fits dogs sized 11-13 pounds.

    Color: White"

    And, of course, what bride is complete without the perfect jewelry accessories? I call this one The Mel.

    "A young Thai jewelry designer has crafted a tiara worth $4.2 million for his pet dog, using precious stones given to him by his mother.
    Riwin Jirapolsek, who showcased the tiara at a dog show in Bangkok recently, said he wanted to make something special for Kanune, his 15-year-old male Maltese.
    He took almost two months to finish the piece, which is made from titanium encrusted with 250-carats of emeralds and diamonds."

    5. Dining Accessories

    People say that dogs ought not to be allowed to beg at the table and quite rightly in my opinion. Only poor people's dogs beg. As a member of the family, your dog simply must be included at the table. Like the product description says, it "promotes more refined behavior".

    "Satisfying a mutual desire for companionship, this high chair permits your dog or cat to accompany you at the dinner table. The high chair clips securely to tables up to 2" thick and its height adjusts without tools to elevate your pet to near eye level. It has a frame of powder-coated 5/8" steel tubing and its arms are rubber-coated so they will not mar table surfaces. By providing an alternative to sitting on your lap, running disruptively underfoot, or outright banishment, the chair assuages a pet (and its owner's) frustration, and promotes more refined behavior. The chair's 600-denier tan/brown nylon fabric cleans easily. Two tethers on the chair protect your dinner guests against any lapses in etiquette. Folds for convenient storage and travel. For pets up to 10 lbs. 10" H x 12" W x 9 1/2" D. (4 lbs.)"

    Versace Pet Bowl

    "We can never have too many ways to pamper our pets, right? It looks like Versace has designed the Barocco Pet Bowl so that Spot can add something new to his holiday wish list - and as man's best friend, he certainly deserves the best dish we can provide. The fine porcelain bowls have exquisitely detailed gold and black scroll work, and the accents are done with 22K gold leaf. The only downside is that your pet will probably be eating from much fancier dinnerware than you will be." Price: $754.

    6. Little Coats

    At some point you may be horrified to find your little friend is feeling the chill of the evening air. Of course, in these situations, nothing will do to warm your pet like a fashionable little coat. Hartman and Rose truly is the only place I would consider worthy of my patronage when it comes to a snuggly coat for my companion. If you find the chinchilla beyond your means or simply find that you do not love your dog as much as I do, the coat is also available in sable, mink, sheared beaver or persian lamb.

    Hartman and Rose chinchilla fur coat.

    HARTMAN AND ROSE - Luxury dog collars and leads by Hartman and Rose - designed, maintained and hosted by

    Also from Hartman and Rose, a wonderful selection of collars and leads in a variety of exotic leathers. Don't be alarmed by the bad photoshop and the fact that no real dogs were pictured wearing the products. Perhaps you may consider one from the Au Naturel line which features natural gemstones "placed in 22K gold plate round settings the way nature intended". Nature intends a lot of things but never seems to get around to it.

    7. Exercise

    Of course there will be days when the dogwalker calls in sick (soooo trying to deal with the help) and what is one to do to exercise Mr Poochikins? I certainly wasn't about to demean myself by walking him. Plus it was raining and I had a vicious hangover. Thankfully I had thought ahead and added this to his playroom!!!

    The Canine Treadmill.

    "This is the treadmill that provides owners with a means to maintain consistent levels of exercise for their dogs, regardless of weather conditions. Its whisper-quiet motor drives a sturdy rubber belt that is soft on paws. Side rails keep dogs' attention forward, and most pets will benefit from 45 minutes of moderate activity. Speed, distance, and incline can be adjusted using simple controls. Each model is equipped with a safety on/off switch. Plugs into AC. Includes training guidelines."

    The Canine Treadmill. (Large)

    For breeds up to 100 lbs., it uses a 1 hp motor and has a 75 1/4" L x 17" W running surface with 0-7% incline, and operates at speeds from 0.5 to 8 mph. 100 lbs.

    $899.95 + $115 shipping

    The Canine Treadmill (Medium).

    For breeds up to 60 lbs., it uses a 1 hp motor and has a 47 1/4" L x 17" W running surface with 0-9% incline, and operates at speeds from 0.5 to 8 mph. 91 lbs. With recessed treat holder.

    $699.95 +$50 shipping

    The Canine Treadmill (Small).

    For toy breeds and dogs up to 30 lbs., it uses a 1/2 hp motor, has a 28 3/4" L x 13 3/4" W running surface with 0-14% incline, and operates at speeds from 0.3 to 5 mph. 47 lbs.



    I shall return with Part II.
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    Mel's dog is cute, but mine are going to be happy with poverty level. Actually, mine are happy with a 20 cent chewy.
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    Ooh, those dog collars are delightfully likey!

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    I must get the $3million collar, I'm a bad owner!

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