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Thread: Top Ten Deaths from Exotic Pets

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    Default Top Ten Deaths from Exotic Pets

    I know this isn't keeping with the "awww" sentiment of this section, but I hate it when people keep exotic pets to make themselves seem cool. I've been around snakes and such. They entertain you for about 5 minutes, then spend the next 23 hours in a 3 foot glass box.
    I guess I'd break those rules for this:

    (who am I kidding? It's a giant hamster)

    I can't embed this, apparently, but here is the link:
    Top 10 Deadly Attacks From Exotic Pets -

    And a bullmastiff is NOT an exotic pet. They're quite cute if raised correctly.

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    caplin rous is the most adorable thing ever. besides, capybaras are extremely friendly and gentle. i want one.

    Woman killed by pet camel

    An Australian woman was killed by a pet camel given to her as a 60th birthday present after the animal apparently tried to have sex with her. The 10-month-old animal knocked Pam Weaver to the ground, stomped on her head and then lay on top of her at her sheep and cattle property near Mitchell, about 600km west of Brisbane. The woman's husband discovered her body about 6.30pm after he returned from feeding stock. Police said the pet had a history of odd behaviour, attempting to smother the family's pet goat on many occasions by sitting on it. The woman had suffered "one definite footprint" on one side of her face and one on her arm.

    The family had intended giving the woman a llama or an alpaca for her birthday, but they were too expensive. (Link)
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    I went with Uncle Russian's son Benji to buy some food for our birds at a local pet store once, not too long ago.

    Since Benji expressed interest in reptiles, we went downstairs to gawk at them. There was a beautiful boa constrictor curled up in a glass terrarium, I think it's called. She had a water pond, but otherwise she seemed to be miserable.

    The guy in charge of the snakes brought her out, and I held a snake for the first time, she was cool and smooth. Benji fell in love with her.

    You are right in that certain animals should not be kept as pets, including the snakes I saw and some spiders, too.

    Don't get me going about exotic birds! Bill and I have six pet birds, and we have rescued and cared for two wild birds.

    Benji loved the cockatoos! One cockatoo wrapped her claw around Benji's finger and allowed him to give her neck scritches. He wanted to buy her on the spot.

    I warned him not to ever adopt one, as cockatoos are the birds who are most often placed in rescue, the noise factor alone is a serious issue. Only a very experienced parrot owner can cope with these birds. Even I can't do it, nor would I try...and I've owned birds since I was nine years old.

    What Have I Got Myself Into? Read this before you adopt a cockatoo. Harsh, but it is true.

    Some creatures need to be left where they are. Do you remember when it was a fad to adopt a chimp? One of our friends adopted a chimp, and had to dispose of the chimp (I must ask him what he did with the chimp) because the chimp was violent and nasty. Of course, the poor chimp was miserable being caged and he acted out. Can hardly blame him.

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    the one about the pet spider freaks me out

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    They're all idiots, except the camel lady. I feel sorry for her because a llama tried to rape me once.

    The spider story is so fucked up & I hope I don't have nightmares about it.

    This one with the bull mastiffs is also fucked up. A transgendered person killed by his own dogs, which he sexually abused, after he successfully managed to keep them from being put down for attacking other people. However, I would hardly call bull mastiffs 'exotic.'
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    There's a show on Animal Planet called Fatal Attraction about people who have been killed by their exotic pets. I happened to catch one about a guy who was eaten by several monitor lizards with whom he shared his apartment. Creeped me out to say the least.

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