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Thread: Dog nurses baby squirrels who lost their home

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    Default Dog nurses baby squirrels who lost their home

    Three baby squirrels who were left homeless after the tree they lived in was chainsawed have found a foster mother in the shape of a poodle called Pixie.

    Pixie the poodle, nursing the baby squirrels
    Four-year-old Pixie's owner, Gail Latta, said that at first she tried to feed the homeless squirrels canned milk - but her attempts were unsuccessful.
    That's when the North Carolina woman turned to Pixie, who was still able to nurse after recently having her own pups. As the pups had recently been sold, Pixie treated the foster squirrels like her own babies.
    A close up view of the baby squirrels nuzzling Pixie

    But the heartwarming story has now come to an end. After two weeks, the squirrels were old enough to be weaned, and Pixie and her new brood had to be seperated once more - after Latta discovered that she might be violating state regulations by keeping wildlife in her home.

    Latta said Pixie seemed a little upset when the squirrels were sent away on Saturday to an animal rehabilitation specialist, but that she's doing OK now. Dog biscuits are apparently playing a major role in helping Pixie get over the loss.

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    So sweet!
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    So precious.

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