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Thread: Dog that inspired Gucci's law dies

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    Default Dog that inspired Gucci's law dies

    MOBILE, Ala. — A dog who was severely burned as a puppy in a case that drew worldwide attention and led to tougher animal cruelty laws in Alabama has died.
    Doug James rescued the dog named Gucci after it was hung by the neck, tortured and set on fire by a group of youths in 1994. James said the 16-year-old chow-husky mix had been in declining health in the past few months and was euthanized on Wednesday.
    Passed in 2000, the Pet Protection Act, called Gucci's law, made first-degree cruelty to a domesticated dog or cat a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.
    Abuse and neglect of a cat or dog is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and a $2,000 fine.
    James said Gucci turned 16 on Monday and his annual birthday party is scheduled Saturday at a local pet shop. He said the gathering will now be a memorial service.

    Gucci, dog that survived torture and inspired tougher animal cruelty laws in Alabama, dies at 16 | L.A. Unleashed | Los Angeles Times

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    Poor dog, he didn't deserve to be hurt like that, but it is good that it got Alabama to get with the program. Animals abuse is evil and anyone who commits it ought to end up in prison for a long time.
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    RIP, Gucci!!

    I'm so glad that someone gave him a wonderful life after such an awful beginning.

    On a less sweet note, I hope the fuckers that did this to him went on to die in a burning car!!

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    How horrid. I never heard of that case. I'm glad he got a full life after the incident.

    How come Gucci's law isn't used more often? This girl only got 18 months for roasting a kitten alive.
    Sick bitch shows no remorse for killing a kitten

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