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Thread: Top Dog Josie - Sam's best friend

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    Default Top Dog Josie - Sam's best friend

    Josie the dog is Sam's best friend

    Josie is a very special Labrador - she is trained by Dogs for the Disabled to help eight year old Sam Daly from Eton who has muscular dystrophy. And, she has just won the Friends for Life competition at Crufts.
    The condition affects every part of Sam's life and his mum Sara says they were "barely surviving" before Josie the dog came along.
    The pair have been together since Spring 2009 when Sam attended a two week training course.
    He went, with his Mum, to the Dogs for the Disabled's national training centre in Banbury.
    Before getting Josie, Sam had become increasingly frustrated and depressed because of his disability.
    Josie, who was nearly two, had been specially trained by the charity and her skills and temperament had been matched to meet Sam's needs.
    Sara says when Sam and Josie first met it was pretty special.
    "I remember when Sam first met Josie, this bubbly little dog with a wagging tail just went straight up to Sam and made a fuss of him. He was so pleased that they were going to be partnered together.
    "Everything has changed since Josie came along," she says.
    Josie helps Sam to be more independent and has also had a dramatic impact on his confidence, and self esteem.
    Dogs for the Disabled trains assistance dogs to offer greater independence and freedom to children and adults with physical disabilities, as well as children with autism.

    BBC - Top Dog Josie - Sam's best friend

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    Aww, she's special because he name is Josie

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