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Thread: Bracken, the dog who swallowed a football

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    Default Bracken, the dog who swallowed a football

    Bracken, the dog who swallowed a football

    A dog has recovered after needing emergency surgery - because it had swallowed a whole toy football.

    Bracken the labrador, who needed surgery after swallowing a football, chases after another ball

    Bracken the labrador ended up with the deflated ball stuck next to his heart after munching it while out of sight of his owner John Grant and would have died without surgery.

    Mr Grant realised the two-year-old dog needed medical attention when he started coughing incessantly.
    When Bracken was X-rayed at the University of Glasgow Small Animal Hospital, vets noticed an unexpected dark shape near the labrador's heart.

    Further tests revealed a congenital abnormality - a hole in the diaphragm between the dog's chest and abdomen which meant part of his stomach could move into the space.

    When surgical specialist Kathryn Pratschke operated, assisted by vet Damian Chase, they were stunned to discover that the foreign object was a deflated toy football about 12cm (5 inches) long.

    Mr Chase said: 'Bracken had been fine and his stomach had been gradually moving in and out from this area in his chest, but because he had eaten this toy football it got stuck up there. Part of the stomach moved and was sitting next to his heart with the football in it.

    'We were surprised because when we did the X-ray and scan we couldn't tell what it was. He is a very lucky dog. He would have died without the operation.'
    Mr Chase said the abnormality, called peritoneo-pericardial diaphragmatic hernia, can have catastrophic consequences, though many dogs with the same problem lead normal lives with the flaw going unnoticed.

    Bracken needed two operations to correct the problem, one last spring and one in January. He is now living life to the full at the Grant home in Lenzie, East Dunbartonshire - though where he found the football remains a mystery.

    Mr Grant, 70, said: 'I don't know where he picked it up, though it may have been in the park in the long grass. "He is quite inquisitive and noisy and boisterous. He eats anything - plastic bottles, golf balls, stones and sticks.'

    Bracken, the dog who swallowed a football |

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    Poor thing!
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    He's gorgeous, glad he is ok

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    They didn't even need to tell me it was a lab!!

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