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Thread: Sally the lamb is born weighing 23lb

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    Default Sally the lamb is born weighing 23lb

    As woolly lambs go, she's something of a mammoth.
    So pity poor old mum when Sally arrived in the world.
    Weighing a massive 23lb - three times the size of a normal lamb - the youngster doesn't so much gambol as stride across the pasture.

    Lambing it up: Sally grins for the camera

    Mammoth: Weighing 23lb, Sally (left) is three times the size of a normal lamb

    Farmer Ken Jones had been a little puzzled when ewe Daisy kept on getting bigger, and bigger, but didn't give birth.
    But he soon found out why when he spotted the Suffolk cross struggling to give birth on Sunday.
    'She was lying down and pushing for quite some time and obviously having some difficulties so I went to help,' he said.
    'I thought she was having triplets, she was so big. As I pulled the front legs I thought, "This is a big one".
    'It only came out about halfway when normally that would have been the whole lamb - it just kept coming and coming. It was incredible. We've had quite a few big lambs but she was nearly twice the size of anything we have had before.'

    Family affair: Sally plays with her mother Daisy while farmer Ken Jones and his wife Susan look on

    The whole delivery took about 15 minutes, compared to two or three minutes for a more modestly sized lamb. Not surprisingly, Daisy needed a bit of a rest after her birthing ordeal.
    But Sally - named after the song Mustang Sally - was soon up on her feet and suckling.
    Mr Jones said: 'They are usually a bit lazy when they are big, but she was surprisingly quick to get up.'
    Mr Jones, a part-time sheep farmer with his wife Susan at their home in East Huntspill, Somerset, said Sally has a 'big future'.
    'We tend to have too many ewe lambs to keep but she's special and has had a lucky escape,' he said. 'She's not for the chop.'
    A spokesman for the British Veterinary Association said: 'Big births like this can be one of the quirks of nature - it could be down to things like the genetics or the feed.'
    The sight of lambs in the fields is a sure sign that Spring has sprung in Britain.
    And after the bitterest winter for more than 30 years, the sunshine, lambing season and display of seasonal flowers has has brought a bright forecast for the spring.
    As wildlife came out to greet this week's warmer weather, the Met Office said it would be warm for the rest of the month.
    Met Office forecaster Charles Powell said: 'The temperatures will be more normal and above average for the time of year.

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    episiotomy from hell. that poor mama sheep.
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    Stupid Mail and their idiotic use of perspective in pictures.
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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