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Thread: Kangaroos canoodle at Switzerland's Basel Zoo

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    Default Kangaroos canoodle at Switzerland's Basel Zoo

    What's cuter than a western gray kangaroo? Two western gray kangaroos. And what's even cuter than that? Two western gray kangaroos engaged in a public display of affection.
    These two are residents of Switzerland's Basel Zoo, where they live in a mob (the word that describes a group of kangaroos) that grew substantially last spring when several joeys were born.
    Western gray kangaroos are among the most common species of kangaroo, and also among the largest. Males are typically much larger than females -- sometimes twice as big. And, of course, they're expert hoppers -- a really fast western gray can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour!
    See another photo of this cuddly couple after the jump!

    Your morning adorable: Kangaroos canoodle at Switzerland's Basel Zoo | L.A. Unleashed | Los Angeles Times

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    Ohhh! That is just darling!
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