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Thread: Dogs and cats abandoned at Battersea home become stars of new stamps

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    Default Dogs and cats abandoned at Battersea home become stars of new stamps

    They didn't exactly smile for the camera.
    But there was lots of tail wagging, tongue lolling and contented purring when these models got together.
    Some even managed that classic pose of cocking their head to one side with an earnest gaze.
    No wonder they were happy. After a rather tough start to life each and every one of this whiskered brigade has fallen on their feet, or rather paws.

    Look, I can do it again! Tia the nine-year-old terrier reenacts her playful pose captured by a photographer for the new Royal Mail stamps. She was adopted by a family in Berkshire when she was five months old

    And all have the famous Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London to thank for putting them on the path to a happy ever after.
    These former Battersea residents, all happily living with new owners, star in a set of first-class stamps to mark the home's 150th anniversary.
    They were once among the 12,000 animals the charity takes in a year.
    The charity began life as the Temporary Home for Lost and Starving Dogs in Holloway, North London, back in 1860.

    First class act: The eye-catching stamps celebrate 150 years of the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

    It was 11 years later that it moved south to Battersea and in 1883 that it started taking in cats.
    And one hundred and fifty years since its formation, it remains true to its simple message: 'We aim never to turn away a dog or cat in need of our help.'
    Julietta Edgar, Head of Special Stamps, Royal Mail said: 'Stamps featuring animals have always been extremely popular with collectors and non-collectors alike, and I think these wonderfully charming and expressive images are a great way to mark the achievements of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.'
    Howard Bridges, Chief Executive of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, said: 'Everyone at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is thrilled that the final images truly capture the character of the animals chosen.'

    Here are the ten photogenic pets who have been selected to appear on the 150th birthday stamps:

    This playful seven-year-old border collie arrived at Battersea in 2008 when his owner died. Now living with a new owner in Berkshire, Tafka may soon be representing Battersea in the doggy game of flyball, as well as in the rescue agility team. Tafka and Herbie live together.

    Furry housemates: Herbie, left, and fellow canine Tafka sit patiently beside their own stamps

    The seven-year-old mongrel arrived at the home as a puppy in 2002 but was soon adopted and now has a new canine pal in Tafka, to whom he is teaching some flyball tricks - a kind of relay running game for dogs.

    The terrier was discovered as an underweight and timid stray in Essex but after two weeks of tender loving care he bounded off to a new home in Maidenhead, Berkshire. When his owner first saw Leonard at the Battersea home he was cowering at the back of his kennel with his huge ears held back.

    Looking good: Leonard the terrier, admires his face on a 1st class stamp

    The two-year-old was born at Battersea with his two sisters when his mother was brought in because her owner could no longer care for her. Now Mr Tumnus is living with sister Lucy and new owners in London where he is often found observing life from a shelf in the kitchen.

    The loveable lurcher needed a new home when his owner was too ill to care for him. But he quickly charmed his 'foster' carer who has since adopted him. He lives in Surrey where he enjoys long walks, chasing toys - and squirrels.

    All charm: Casey was soon adopted by his foster parent and now loves long walks in Surrey

    A Golden oldie, the male tabby needed a new home when his owner died and found one after two months. Tigger lives in London and loves lazing in the sun and strolling around the garden. He now demands to be let out every morning for his daily walk around the flower-beds and jumps on everyone’s lap as soon as they sit down. He loves sleeping under the duvet, lazing in the sun and tucking into any ham that might come his way.

    The five-year-old ginger tomcat arrived at the cattery when his owners could no longer care for him. But he stayed just a few days before he moved on to a new home in Hampshire where he loves to play with anything he can chase, and enjoys the occasional treat.

    Tomcat mates: For veteran Tigger, left, modelling for Royal Mail is serious business. But it's a stretch and roll around for Button, who just loves to play with anything he can chase

    The mastiff arrived at the home as a tiny stray puppy and was fostered to adjust to the home environment. The foster carer fell in love with Pixie and gave her a permanent home in East Sussex.

    Willing to please: Pixie, the mastiff, sits proudly with her stamp

    The nine-year-old terrier was adopted by a family in Berkshire when she was five months old and has since encouraged a string of foster dogs waiting for new homes.

    Best behaviour: Tia the terrier sits upright for her all-important stamp photoshoot

    The bulldog with the woeful expression was a stray when he arrived at the home in 2007 with a very bad skin condition. Now fully recovered he lives with adoptive owners in London.

    Don't look so glum: Despite his woeful expression, Boris is now a happy bulldog after finding a permanent home in London
    All together now: Top row (left to right) Tigger, a tomcat; Tafka, a collie; Herbie, a mongrel; Mr Tumnus, a tomcat; Casey, a lurcher; Leonard, a terrier; Bottom row (left to right) Pixie, a mastiff; Tia, a terrier; Boris, a bulldog and Button, a tomcat

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    How beautiful!!! I love stories like this. How did the photographer manage to get them all to pose together in that last shot? Seems virtually impossible.

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    ^ They might have taken the front and back row separately and phtoshopped them together. Gorgeous dogs.

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    What a wonderful idea.
    ...of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

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    I want Boris the bulldog. He's so dang cute, that I would break my "no dogs" rule for him.

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