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Thread: Somerset knitters make jumpers/sweaters for bald chickens

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    Default Somerset knitters make jumpers/sweaters for bald chickens

    While most chickens are kept warm by a covering of snug feathers, battery hens often end up bald due to the cramped conditions they are kept in.
    But members of a craft club in Somerset have been keeping featherless rescue hens warm during the freezing weather by knitting woolly jumpers for them.
    Hundreds of pullovers have been made by the club in Taunton, Somerset, after members took pity on the bald hens that have been rescued from battery farms.

    Chickens strut their stuff in woolly jumpers knitted by members of a craft club at Monkton Elm Garden and Pet Centre in Taunton, Somerset

    The garments are then donated to the Little Hen Rescue in Norwich, a not-for-profit organisation which re-homes battery hens.

    Jo Eglen at the Little Hen Rescue Centre in Norwich, Norfolk

    The animals, which are not bred for meat, are normally sold for slaughter after one year when their rate of egg production slows.
    But the rescue centre buys them and then offers them on as pets.
    However, they are often bald because of the appalling conditions they have been kept in and need the jumpers to keep warm.
    Miranda McPherson, who runs the knitting craft club at Monkton Elm Garden and Pet Centre in Taunton, said: 'The hens usually come out of farms quite bald and can be underweight.
    'They will soon fatten up and regain their feathers with the right care, but while they are waiting for their feathers to grown back they can benefit from our knitted jumpers.'
    Jo Eglen, who founded Little Hen Rescue last year with another volunteer David Doy, said she takes in up to 4,000 birds at a time and around 10 per cent have lost their feathers because of their living conditions.
    She said: 'There will always be some baldies. There was one that just had eyebrows.

    Debbie Angeras, member of the craft club at Monkton Elm Garden and Pet Centre in Taunton, knitting a jacket to keep a former battery hen warm

    'As soon as they're out it takes up to six weeks, or sometimes just a week, to get their feathers back.
    'We are constantly using the jumpers to keep them warm and some of the new owners take a spare with them.'

    Knit one, cluck one: Somerset craft club keeps bald rescue hens warm by knitting them woolly jumpers | Mail Online
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    Chicken sweaters.
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    It takes a truly loving person to knit a chicken a sweater. Just saying.
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    They look so cute!
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