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Thread: Colorado town wants to put down dog for biting a vet

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    Default Colorado town wants to put down dog for biting a vet

    Officials say wiener dog is vicious, charge owners

    Spork could be euthanized

    Deborah Takahara, anchor KDVR Denver
    9:03 AM MST, February 23, 2010

    Spork the dachshund (February 22, 2010)

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    LAFAYETTE, Colo. - Spork is a 10-year-old, 17-pound dachshund that has been featured on magazine covers and named dog of the month. He's also a vicious dog according to the city of Lafayette because he bit a veterinary technician.

    The idea that Spork is vicious is something Spork's owners have a hard time accepting. "Every night I tuck him into bed. If he doesn't have a blanket on him, he starts crying, I have to get up and make sure he's covered," Kelly Walker, Spork's owner says.

    She and her husband Tim are charged with having a vicious dog, after taking their dog to the Jasper Veterinary Hospital for dental surgery. "I was holding him and he bit her on the chin," Kelly Walker says. She also says the vet tech got too close to Spork's face with some scissors, and that scared him.

    Under state law, people that work with animals are exempt from filing charges in dog bite situations. But the city of Lafayette told Spork's owners that city rules apply in this case and they will face charges. "To have this happen... the city of Lafayette just wanted to go out for blood and prosecute my husband and I and possibly execute our dog," Kelly Walker says.

    The Walkers' attorney says the charges should be dismissed. "It'll put a scare, a fear into people with animals, that they can't bring their dogs or cats to health care facilities in the city of Lafayette for fear of criminal charges and fear their family friend will be euthanized," says Jennifer Edwards of the Animal Law Center.

    The Walkers say they'll do anything to make sure their dog isn't euthanized. "Not everyone would spend their life savings protecting a 10-year-old dog, but we feel we need to."

    The owner of the Jasper Vet Hospital says he couldn't comment because the case is set to go to trial in April. The city of Lafayette did not return phone calls from FOX 31 Monday.

    Officials say wiener dog is vicious, charge owners - KDVR

    This story has been all over the news for a couple days and its pissing me right the hell off. FFS when you work with animals isn't an occasional nip or scratch just part of the job? The vet tech and the city who decided to prosecute need a fucking reality check.
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    send me the dachshund. fuckers.
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    If it were my dog I would send him to live with a relative and tell the stupid city that 'he ran away'. For the fuck of shit, many people don't even want to execute HUMANS who plan and murder people, and all this over a nip on the chin from a family pet with a brain the size of a pencil eraser?????
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    What a waste of time and money by the city.

    Come on, let's have lots of drinks.

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    There is nothing worse than a crazed weiner dog.

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    I remember that episode of Get Smart.
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    How ridiculous. My sister has a dachshund and he gets nippy when he's at the vet and her vet simply puts a muzzle on him. Problem solved.

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    Noooooo!! Save Spork!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    There is nothing worse than a crazed weiner dog.
    Weiner dogs crack me up when they try to be so vicious, the image is completely absurd! They really believe they can inflict deadly damage even though they're 2 inches off the ground and shaped like a little sausage!

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    This is total bullshit! I hope poor little Spork doesn't get put down.

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    Stuff like that happens, the dog was scared.
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    wtf?! what is this? a witch hunt?
    that's a dog and he was scarred is ass off! you know, he doesn't know you're not gonna hurt him. and that stupid vet tech! those things happen when you work with animals.

    damn, those people are so stupid. i say put them down. leave little spork alone!

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