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Thread: Girl and dog caught in leg hold traps, drag heavy log over 1km to get help

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    Default Girl and dog caught in leg hold traps, drag heavy log over 1km to get help

    Casselman woman caught in trap while walking dog

    Forced to drag log kilometre through snow to reach help

    By Kristy Nease, The Ottawa CitizenFebruary 20, 2010
    A young Casselman woman and her dog were caught in foothold traps Thursday afternoon along a snowmobile trail they walk together every day.

    When she couldn't free herself or her border collie, 19-year-old Krystle Morrow was forced to drag the 55-kilogram birch log the traps were secured to for about a kilometre through the snow to get help. But when she reached her home, Morrow was unable to navigate the hallway with the log to reach the phone and call for help.

    Her father, Kevin Morrow, found her, sitting bloodied with her dog in the family's living room, almost three hours later when he returned from work.

    Kevin Morrow, a retired fire chief, said his daughter's first concern was for Koby, a rescued dog the family had only adopted three months ago.

    "I didn't realize that her fingers (were) caught in the trap -- she was more concerned about Koby and his condition," he said in a telephone interview from their Calypso Street home.

    He freed Koby and his daughter, then called an ambulance. He said three foothold traps were secured to the three-metre-long log.

    Morrow's left hand is wrapped up to her wrist. Her two middle fingers were cut "almost to the bone," her father said.

    Koby, meanwhile, is doing fine. He was kept overnight at an Embrun animal hospital as a precaution, but escaped serious injury.

    "I'm so lucky that me and my dog are safe," Morrow said. "It could have been much worse."

    But she also hopes that trapping in the area will stop.

    "I don't believe in the trapping of animals. It's really inhumane," she said. "There has to be an end to it, somehow.

    "I love animals, and I hate the feeling of knowing they're out there hurt and suffering."

    Her father agrees. Kevin Morrow said he hopes no one else has to go through what his family has been through, and worries that concerns about coyotes in the Ottawa-area could lead to more accidents like this one, if people resort to putting out traps.

    On the same day Morrow ran into trouble, Osgoode-area residents met to find out what the city and provincial officials are doing to resolve the "coyote problem" in their area. In recent weeks, tempers have flared over what some say are the increasingly bold attitudes of coyotes, and some reported human-coyote confrontations.

    Thursday night, the meeting at the Osgoode Community Centre attracted about 100 people, some of whom fear that what they see as a growing coyote population is a danger to children, pets and farm animals.

    Christine Hartig, from the city's protective services department, told attendees at the meeting that city and provincial officials are working to find ways of dealing with coyotes, including removing them, mapping "hot spots" of coyote presence and, if necessary, hiring a wildlife control agent.

    Some communities have even initiated coyote contests in an effort to limit the population -- the Great Coyote Contest in Osgoode and a similar hunting contest in West Carleton and Arnprior area, Al's Coyote Contest. In the second contest, coyotes may be shot or trapped.

    According to the website, foothold traps like those that Morrow and Koby were caught in are "easy to conceal," making them a good choice to trap animals such as coyotes and fox, which "are very wary."

    Casselman Mayor Conrad Lamadeleine has been living in the area his entire life. When asked about the incident that befell Morrow, he said he had "never heard of something like this before."

    He said deer have drawn coyotes to his community, but the small carnivores generally stay away from people and property.

    Kevin Morrow said the Ministry of Natural Resources is investigating to determine if anyone has information about the trap that injured his daughter.

    A Casselman resident familiar with trapping said Friday night that setting traps along snowmobile trails is highly unusual for a licenced trapper.

    According to the MNR website, trapping in Ontario is administered by the ministry. To qualify for a licence, a trapper must successfully complete a ministry-administered course that teaches, among other things, safe and humane trapping practices.

    Anyone with information about the incident involving Morrow is asked to call the ministry at 1-877-TIPS-MNR (8477-667).
    Casselman woman caught in trap while walking dog
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    I hate these traps.

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