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Thread: Introducing Duran, the Dresden Zoo's newest orangutan addition

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    Default Introducing Duran, the Dresden Zoo's newest orangutan addition

    Germany's Dresden Zoo: Your one-stop baby orangutan shop. (OK, so you can't actually buy a baby orangutan -- nor would we recommend it, considering that the pet trade is reportedly a major problem facing at least one orangutan subspecies, the Sumatran orangutan. But we suspect a plush baby-orangutan doll would be fairly easy to come by in Dresden.)
    Just a few months back, Dresden Zoo orangutan resident Daisy gave birth to a son, Dodi. (Dodi made his public debut in late December.)
    As if criminally adorable baby Dodi weren't enough, another orangutan resident of the Dresden Zoo, Djudi (above), gave birth Jan. 30 to a baby named Duran. At age 36, Djudi has become the oldest orangutan mother in any European zoo; Duran is her fifth offspring. See another photo of Djudi and Duran after the jump!

    -- Lindsay Barnett

    Your morning adorable: Introducing Duran, the Dresden Zoo's newest orangutan addition | L.A. Unleashed | Los Angeles Times

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    She looks so tender with the baby!

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