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Thread: Once blind, dog sees owner for first time in years

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    Default Once blind, dog sees owner for first time in years

    Photo by Nancy Lane
    NEW LEASH ON LIFE: Bobo is all eyes yesterday after undergoing surgery that restored the diabetic dog’s eyesight.

    Bobo has waited two years to see his owner again.
    In dog years, that’s practically a lifetime.
    Yesterday, after 2 hours of eye surgery at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, the 12-year-old blind Chinese crested got his sight back. “His tail shot right up in the air,” owner Lis Feeney of Foxboro said of Bobo’s reaction.
    Bobo’s had a run of bad luck in recent years, starting with a diabetes diagnosis requiring twice-daily injections of insulin. Then his eye sight worsened, caused by diabetes-induced cataracts. By early 2008, Bobo was totally blind. But he was ineligible for surgery until his diabetes was controlled.
    “We made the whole house livable for him,” Feeney said. “We put towels down on the floor. He knew enough to follow the path of the towels so we didn’t have to move the furniture.”
    Dr. Martin Coster, who operated on Bobo, said the surgery was similar to cataract-removal procedures done in humans, using ultrasonic sound waves to “break up the lens.”
    “He was a little groggy,” Feeney said post-surgery, “but he was happy.”

    After two years, Bobo’s no longer out of sight -

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    Aw, poor thing. Glad his sight was finally restored. He's blessed to have such a wonderful owner.
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    Poor baby! Hope he gets a few more years.
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