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Thread: It's a dog's life for this kitten

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    Default It's a dog's life for this kitten

    TINKERBELL the chihuahua carries one of her newly adopted KITTENS whilst her own newborn puppies sleep under her.

    Dog owner Angie Reynolds thought Tinkerbell had gone barking mad when she decided to take care of these infant kittens as her own.
    But there's no worry of this brood fighting like cat and dog as they play, sleep and eat happily together.

    Tinkerbell had only recently given birth at the Hobart Animal Hospital in Australia when a man came into the hospital with the cold and hungry kittens.
    After learning the pets would most likely be put down, Ms Reynolds decided she would take them home to hand rear them.
    She said: "When we got home, I put the kittens with the dog to see if she accepted them.
    "Not only has Tinkerbell accepted them, she cleans and snuggles the kittens and gets frantic if I pick one up."
    It really is puppy love.

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    How sweet.

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    Too sweet!

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