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Thread: Otter climbs tree as an act of 'teenage rebellion'

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    Default Otter climbs tree as an act of 'teenage rebellion'

    A young otter who amazed visitors to a wildlife centre by climbing up a 15ft tree may have been carrying out an act of 'teenage rebellion', according to experts.

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    'It's not fair, nobody understands me!': Mo the teenage otter mopes in her tree

    Staff at the Slimbridge Wetland Centre in Gloucestershire said it was 'very unusual' to see the creatures scrambling up branches. But one theory is that the otter, named Mo, may have been 'flexing her teenage muscles' and trying to prove herself.
    Slimbridge spokeswoman Sally Munro said: 'It's the otter equivalent of stomping upstairs to your room and slamming the door.'
    The centre's mammal manager, John Crooks, said: 'This is certainly very unusual behaviour for an otter, but I think maybe she is going through some kind of teenage rebellion. Otters are strong mammals and she is climbing progressively higher each time so she seems to be very determined and headstrong.
    Mo: she's not coming down, she doesn't care, and she hates you all

    The other theory is that, much like other teenagers, Mo is just trying to get a bit of peace and quiet away from her annoying siblings. Crooks suggested: 'Perhaps she just wants to be left alone or to have a bit of space from her younger sisters and up a tree is the best place for her to do it!

    'She is certainly getting a bit of a following now that word has got around with visitors,' he added.
    Mo, a a North American River otter, is four years old. Which we're guessing makes her a teenager in otter years.

    Emo otter climbs tree as an act of 'teenage rebellion' |

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    Heck, there have been many times when I wanted to climb a tree just to get away from it all, so who can blame her ?
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    A girl has to make a statement.
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