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Thread: Asian elephant calf Jamuna Toni gets a bath at Munich's Hellabrunn Zoo

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    Default Asian elephant calf Jamuna Toni gets a bath at Munich's Hellabrunn Zoo

    Jamuna Toni, the Asian elephant calf born just before Christmas at Munich, Germany's Hellabrunn Zoo, just keeps getting cuter as she gets older. (That's saying quite a lot, because she was a pretty darn adorable 2-day-old.)
    According to the zoo, Jamuna Toni is already "a very intelligent and nosy calf" who keeps her mother, Panang, awfully busy. To give Panang the chance to rest, keepers pitch in to help care for the calf, bottle-feeding her, bathing her and even (as evidenced in a photo you'll see after the jump) supervising her while she plays in sawdust!
    Since Panang had experienced difficulty with earlier pregnancies, keepers didn't take any chances with her most recent one. To help her prepare for Jamuna Toni's birth, they taught her to do maternity exercises that looked remarkably like elephant yoga. Panang practiced the exercises regularly during the final stretch of her two-year pregnancy.
    More photos of Jamuna Toni after the jump!

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