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Thread: Super slimmer dog can walk again

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    Default Super slimmer dog can walk again

    Patch now weighs 2st 6lb (15kg) after a year of dieting and exercise

    A dog which weighed the same as an average six-year-old child is able to walk again after shedding more than a third of his bodyweight. Six-year-old Beagle Cross, Patch, was 4st 7lb (28.45kg) when he was brought to the Dogs Trust re-homing centre in Glasgow at the end of 2008.
    After a year of dieting and exercise under the care of the MacLean family in Motherwell he weighs 2st 13lb (18kg).
    Patch is now within sniffing distance of his target weight of 2st 6lb (15kg).
    Vets had warned that a rapid weight loss would put strain on Patch's organs.
    'Shining example'
    So the Beagle Cross has been following a strict diet and his exercise levels have been built up gradually, with careful monitoring by veterinary staff.
    Claire Kelman, assistant manager at Dogs Trust's re-homing centre in Glasgow, said: "When Patch first came to us he was so obese he couldn't even walk and needed a sling to be moved from one place to another.
    "Now he's lost the weight he can run around and properly enjoy his walks like any other dog.
    "It just goes to show a good diet and careful exercise can make a real impact, so maybe he can be a shining example for everyone feeling a bit bloated after the Christmas break."

    BBC News - Super slimmer dog can walk again

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    Poor dog! There is no excuse for allowing your dog to get that fat. I hope Patch was taken off his owners, who should never own another dog.

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    It's a wonder he survived.
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    That's just disgusting. I wonder how much his owners weighed?
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    If the dog doesn't have an underlying disease, the owners obviously didn't portion-control the food they gave him. Dogs can almost eat unlimited amounts of food if they're not stopped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtlebay View Post
    Dogs can almost eat unlimited amounts of food if they're not stopped.
    I leave my dog's food out all day for him to nibble and he mostly snacks on it during the day and eats like he's a sumo right before bed. He only eats maybe a cup, and then he's done. He's only eating dog food, though, so maybe that's why.

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    What in the hell were they feeding him? Bacon greased bacon? That is horrible, poor doggie. At least he's getting help now.
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