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Thread: When their people are away, the cats will...?

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    Default When their people are away, the cats will...?

    Tails Of The City : When their people are away, the cats will...?

    A "cat cam" shot of another family pet.

    In October, Friskies doled out small "collar cams" to 50 house cats in a first-of-its-kind feline focus group. The aim was to help answer the age-old question, "What exactly do cats get up to when we're away from home?"

    The cameras were programmed to take a photo every 15 minutes and the results revealed that there's a lot more to life than catnaps and cultivating furballs for our feline friends.

    "What surprised me was how active the cats were," Jill Villarreal the animal behavior scientist who collected the data on behalf of Friskies told the Associated Press. "I believed my three cats were sleeping during the day."

    And Villarreal wasn't alone in her assumption. In a survey of cat owners prior to launching the study, Friskies found that 71 percent also thought that their cats were snoozing while they were away from home. But the most photographed activity was actually of cats looking out windows and interacting with other family pets.

    Based on the 777 photos that cat owners submitted, about 22 percent of the cats' time was spent watching the world go by, 12 percent was used to play with (taunt?) their fellow pets and 8 percent was spent climbing on chairs or kitty condos. Just 6 percent of their hours were earmarked for sleeping.

    Cats watched television, DVDs or other media 6 percent of the time and hid under tables another 6 percent. Coming in at 5 percent was playing with toys. Eating or looking at food finished last at 4 percent. Read the full Friskies report here.

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    Sounds like a lot of fun!

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