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Thread: Baby seals orphaned by south coast storms

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    Default Baby seals orphaned by south coast storms

    Her mournful eyes could melt the stoniest of hearts. And her expression reflects a life that has been storm-tossed and sorrowful.
    This grey seal pup was separated from her parents when gales and torrential rain hit their breeding grounds on the Isles of Scilly.
    Too young to fend for herself, the orphaned pup was rescued from the beach and taken hundreds of miles to an RSPCA refuge, where she is now receiving the best possible care.

    Orphaned: Six-week-old seal pup Jane Norman was rescued from the Scilly Isles after torrential storms

    The Eastwinch Wildlife Centre in King's Lynn, Norfolk, takes rescued animals from all around the UK and has specialist facilities for seals.
    As a result of the recent storms it is having to cope with 35 of them - three times the normal number. All the pups are named after local businesses that help sponsor the centre.
    The one pictured here is called Jane Norman, after a branch of the fashion chain.

    Rescued: World of Spice, who was found in Jersey, is around 3 weeks old, and too young to fend for himself

    Centre manager Alison Charles said: 'Our job is to nurse sick, injured and weak animals back to health and prepare them for a life in the wild as soon as they are able to fend for themselves.'
    Grey seal pupping season runs from September to November. Pups do not start learning how to fish for themselves until they are at least four weeks old.
    It takes the centre four months to care for and rehabilitate a pup.

    Anyone interested in sponsoring a seal for a 10 donation can call it on 0300 123 0709 or email

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    Aren't these babies precious?? We get a lot of these little guys here. They are so sweet.

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