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Thread: Survivor video: Faye's rescue

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    Default Survivor video: Faye's rescue

    Ill never forget Faye's story. I bet you won't, either.

    Our team met her in Missouri, when The Humane Society of the United States helped rescue hundreds of animals from the horrors of dogfighting. Shed been wounded badly in a fight, and a dogfighter had mercilessly cut off her lips. She was in tough shape, but we found her in the nick of time.

    Faye's a lucky survivor: She now sleeps in a warm bed in a safe place.
    Video Link:
    It's also a donation page, only because I couldn't figure out how to get just the video. I'm not spamming, I swear!
    I would reiterate how much I hate people, but it takes a REAL monster to do this shit, not a human being.

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    Poor darling, anyone involved in dog fighting needs to have a rod shoved up their arse. She's still beautiful to me

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    ^They probably did that so she'd look scary and angry. Poor dog... ^
    "Well isn't that special"

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