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Thread: Starlings give twitchers the bird

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    Default Starlings give twitchers the bird

    A groups of shocked twitchers found themselves on the end of startling insult as thousands of starlings flipped them the bird.

    Twitch this: The starlings give it back
    Reacting like a furious celebrity when faced with a gaggle of paparazzi outside a night club at 3am, the birds showed the assembled twitchers exactly what they thought of the invasion of their privacy.

    The flock of hundreds of thousands at Gretna Green in Scotland were heading back to roost at dusk after a long day feeding and clearly were in a twitchy mood.
    The birds constantly change shapes in an attempt to outwit predators - any actual insult to the twitchers or the world in general is unlikely to have been intentional.

    Photographer Fiona Exon said: 'There were fantastic flowing formations and shapes.'

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    thats awesome!
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    That's great! Ha!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celestial View Post
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    I love starlings. They are very intelligent. They can mimic the human voice and other sounds as well as any parrot or crow, too.

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