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Thread: White gators - the rarest creatures in the world - found in swamp land by fisherman

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    Default White gators - the rarest creatures in the world - found in swamp land by fisherman

    At just a foot long, these white gators are two of the rarest creatures in the world.
    They were found in swamp land by a Louisiana fisherman and have now been given a new home in a New Orleans Zoo.
    Weighing in at just over 14 pounds, the creatures are not albino, but are born with a genetic condition known as leucism, which means they have a reduction in all types of skin pigment.

    Street wise: Canal-igator and Chomp-itoulas have been named after roads by keepers at Audubon Zoo

    Rendering them white in appearance bar a few freckles, these gators now join the other 10 white gators at Audubon Zoo, which is home to the total number known to exist in the world.
    'The gators have been named Canal-igator and Chomp-itoulas and are named after Canal and Tchoupitoulas streets in New Orleans,' Sarah Brunette, Audubon Zoo's director of communication, said.


    'They were found in the Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge near Houma in Louisiana and were handed to us by the state Wildlife and Fisheries department.
    'This is the same area where our original 18 white gators were recovered in 1987.'

    All white: The gators are born with a genetic condition called leucism which reduces skin pigment

    Famous as the home of the world's only gators with leucism, Audubon Zoo took care of 18 white baby gators in the late 1980s and out of that batch they still have 10.
    'Our gators have been round the world and have been a symbol of our zoo,' Sarah added.
    'These little guys have already spent two months in quarantine and will stay in the insectarium until they are old enough to join their older cousins in a few years.
    'Alligators are known for eating young, they have no distinction between what is rare and what is not.'
    Leucistic alligators rarely last long in the wild. Their bright appearance makes them easy pickings for birds of prey and large fish in the swamplands of Louisiana.

    Bright: The creatures - two of just 12 thought to be in existence in the world - were found by a fisherman

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    Happy looking little thing.
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    Hello mother fucker! when you ask a question read also the answer instead of asking another question on an answer who already contain the answer of your next question!

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    I saw a big one in South Carolina. he looked like he was made of white chocolate and he lived in a dark cave.
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    I saw a full grown one at the Maritime Seaquarium in Norwalk CT. His name was Blizzard!

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    Cool looking and so happy! Cute!
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    that's right here in my area. They named them Chompitoulas and Canaligator

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobelia View Post
    Happy looking little thing.
    Especially in that last pic! How cute.
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