If you thought three-foot carnivorous worms and flesh-eating stars only occurred in science fiction, then welcome to the weird and wacky world of McMurdoe Sound. Despite near freezing temperatures, there is plenty of life in the shallow waters of Antarctica as nemertean worms and five-legged sea stars prowl along the seabed in search of food.

One of the most ambitious shoots BBC LIFE attempted, the sequence was filmed under the permanent ice of the Ross Sea. But because sea stars and nemertean worms move incredibly slowly, the team had to use time-lapse photography to bring them to life. The trickiest part, however, was trying to rig the gear under 8 feet of solid ice. Every piece of equipment had to be brought through a specially drilled hole in the ice and be monitored every day. In the end, it took the crew over 100 dives to get the sequence.