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Thread: Animal pictures of the week

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    Default Animal pictures of the week

    Animal pictures of the week: 13 November 2009

    This is Heidi the one-winged Masked Owl, who is cared for by Alf Boden at his home in Pinkenba, Australia. Mr Boden and his wife have reared the seven-year-old owl from a chick after her wing was crushed during tree felling at Beerwah State Forest

    These 12-day-old little lorikeets are hand-reared after being bred in captivity by Chris Humfrey's Melbourne-based Wild Action group, which specialises in educational shows for children

    Zimba, a male lion cub, and Bogi, a male Puli dog, are seen at Gyoengyoes zoo in Hungary. Zimba was donated to the zoo by a private donor, and will be raised by Bogi

    A black-faced spider monkey eats frozen fruits in Sao Paulo Zoo as temperatures hit 30 degrees Celsius

    A white-handed gibbon monkey licks frozen fruits at the zoo in Sao Paulo

    A two-year-old male Giant Panda, one of the pair of male and female Giant Pandas which will be loaned to Singapore in 2011 for ten years, sits at China Wildlife Conservation Association

    A turtle in a bucket of water in Khadipala, Orissa, India. Villagers say it bears holy symbols on its back and is an incarnation of Lord Jagannath

    An inquisitive Emperor penguin appears to look through the viewfinder of a camera in Antarctica as others pose for a group photo. Photographer David Schultz snapped the flightless birds exploring his camera and tripod when he left them on the snow and ice

    An orangutan named Peipei got a real treat when a rabbit hopped into his enclosure at the Yunnan Wild Animal Park in China. Peipei tickled the rabbit's ear, grabbed it by the hind legs, and yanked it into the air, but eventually he let it go

    A baby elephant walks around with its mother at Amersfoort Zoo, The Netherlands

    A polar bear walks along a road in Churchill, Manitoba

    Animal pictures of the week: 13 November 2009 - Telegraph

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    The orangutan and rabbit photo cracked me up!
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    Love the owl
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    The lion and the puli.. Yeah, that's a good idea!
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    Say cheese!

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    I'm sorry, but bald, baby birds have got to be the ugliest things. They get cute when they get fluff, but until then...

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    all them feathers coming it has GOT to itch something crazy
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    That was one lucky rabbit!
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    I love penguins sooo much.
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