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Thread: Missing Persons singer jailed for animal cruelty

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    Default Missing Persons singer jailed for animal cruelty

    Missing Persons singer Dale Bozzio is sitting in an Ossipee, New Hampshire, jail today after dropping her appeal of a March animal cruelty conviction.
    Thirteen animal cruelty charges stemmed from Bozzio's failed attempt to "save" feral and sick cats from the New Hampshire woods. Two cats were found dead and 12 were put down following an undeterminable period of neglect that came to a head while Bozzio toured last fall (our exclusive photos from the scene can be viewed here, but be forewarned - they aren't for the faint of heart or stomach). She was found guilty of one count of cruelty to animals.
    In May, Bozzio was sentenced to 90 days in jail with 60 days deferred for two years, plus 250 hours of community service. She was also ordered to pay a $2700 euthanization bill. That sentence has now been imposed.

    After following the saga for nearly a year, I found Bozzio yesterday in a zen-like calm as she waited in the Carroll County District Court clerk's office with her husband Richard McKenzie and lawyer Dennis O'Connor. Known for her perky personality and happy-go-lucky songs like "Walkin' in L.A." and "Destination Unknown," the singer was friendly and positive that she would be just fine. She hugged me, blessing me and telling me "I respect you" before she voluntarily surrendered to the county jail.
    With good behavior, Bozzio could serve as few as 20 days of the sentence. But given recent developments on the West Coast, the financially strugging star's troubles will unquestionably continue upon her release. Her former Reseda, California, landlord tells us he will now take legal action over skipped rent payments and at least $3,600 in cat-related damage.
    For a more in-depth look at this story, pick up next week's Phoenix.
    The next time she feels the need to rescue some cats, she should wait for it to pass. The cat would be eternally grateful.

    Missing Persons singer Dale Bozzio jailed - Phlog

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    fucking fuck shit fucker to this one too
    we don't have to make love to have an orgasm

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    Her punishment is not nearly severe enough. I am so sick of people being able to get away with doing cruel shit like this. It pissed me off beyond belief.

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